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Narrative policy analysis
Narrative Policy Analysis presents a powerful and original application of contemporary literary theory and policy analysis to many of today’s most urgent public policy issues. Emery Roe demonstratesExpand
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Development narratives, or making the best of blueprint development
Abstract The scenarios and arguments that drive and sanction much of Third World rural development are often dismissed as myths, ideologies, conventional wisdoms or fads. Yet these developmentExpand
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High Reliability Management: Operating on the Edge
Contents Acknowledgments 1. The Stakes Part One The Case Study: California Independent System Operator, 20012007 2. CAISO in 2001: The Electricity Crisis from Inside the Control Room 3. A FrameworkExpand
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Narrative analysis for the policy analyst: A case study of the 1980-1982 medfly controversy in California
Narrative policy analysis provides a way of analyzing those highly uncertain and complex policy issues whose truth-value cannot be ascertained and about which the only thing practicing policyExpand
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Except-Africa: Postscript to a special section on development narratives
Abstract Two development narratives about Africa cry out for rectification. One is the “Except-Africa” narrative talked about when the techno-managerial elites conclude, “Development works…except inExpand
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Taking Complexity Seriously: Policy Analysis, Triangulation and Sustainable Development
Part I: Analyzing Policy Issues of High Uncertainty and Complexity. Part II: The Sustainable Development Controversy. Introduction. 1. Sustainable Development and Girardian Economics. 2. SustainableExpand
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High-Reliability Pastoralism Versus Risk-Averse Pastoralism
The literature on pastoralism is sufficiently rich to accommodate two very dif ferent models ofpastoralism. Currently, virtually all attention given to pastor alism focuses on herder risk aversion,Expand
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Using narrative theory, this paper explores strategic management as a form of fiction. After introducing several key narrative concepts, it discusses the challenges strategists have faced in makingExpand
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When Fiction Conveys Truth and Authority
Abstract Spatial planners give us fiction, while at the same time asking us to take them seriously. Perhaps even more surprising, they get much of the authority they claim. In the case of theExpand
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Managing coastal resources in the 21st century
Coastal ecosystems are increasingly dominated by humans. Consequently, the human dimensions of sustainability science have become an integral part of emerging coastal governance and managementExpand
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