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Touching the void: Affective history and the impossible
The contention of this essay is that historical research is an affective experience of such intensity that it has been able to withstand the challenges of post-structuralism and postmodernism. WhileExpand
Radical Nostalgia, Progressive Patriotism and Labour’s ‘English Problem’
‘Progressive patriots’ have long argued that Englishness can form the basis of a transformative political project, whether based on an historic tradition of resistance to state power or an open andExpand
Defining Progressive Politics: Municipal Socialism and Anti-Socialism in Contestation, 1889–1939
“Progressive” is usually seen to emerge as a political term in the late 1880s, signifying new liberalism and its alliance with social democracy. This is also the period in which Koselleck noted thatExpand
The Language of Progressive Politics in Modern Britain
This book traces the word ‘progressive’ through modern British history, from the Enlightenment to Brexit. It explores the shifting meanings of this term and the contradictory political projects toExpand
Telling Stories about Post-war Britain: Popular Individualism and the 'Crisis' of the 1970s.
The 1970s was a key moment in the spread of a popular, aspirational form of individualism in post-war Britain, and this development is critical to the authors' understanding of the history of the post- war years. Expand
History, heritage and tradition in contemporary British politics: Past politics and present histories
History, heritage and tradition in contemporary British politics explores the use of the past in modern British politics. It examines party political perspectives on British history and theExpand
Embers of Empire in Brexit Britain
The connection between Brexit and imperial nostalgia is well established—among defendants and critics of both. When Foreign Office officials derisively nicknamed the Government’s ‘Global Britain’ c...