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Establishment of diagnostic validity in psychiatric illness: its application to schizophrenia.
A method for achieving diagnostic validity in psychiatric illness is described, consisting of five phases: clinical description, laboratory study, exclusion of other disorders, follow-up study, andExpand
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Diagnostic criteria for use in psychiatric research.
Diagnostic criteria for 14 psychiatric illnesses (and for secondary depression) along with the validating evidence for these diagnostic categories comes from workers outside our group as well as fromExpand
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Research diagnostic criteria.
To the Editor— Although we welcome discussion of the relative merits of different research criteria for Psy chiatric diagnosis, the article by Drs Overall and Hollister in theArchives(36:1198-1205,Expand
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Some clinical considerations in the prevention of suicide based on a study of 134 successful suicides.
SUGGESTIONS concerning the prevention of suicide have arisen chiefly from statistical studies of coroners' records,1 from studies of patients who have been hospitalized and who commit suicide in theExpand
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The communication of suicidal intent: a study of 134 consecutive cases of successful (completed) suicide.
1. A study of the communication of suicidal ideas by 134 consecutive suicides has been done by means of systematic interviews with family, in-laws, friends, job associates, physicians, ministers, andExpand
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THE uniquely high activity of glutamic decarboxylase (GDC)? in brain has been reported (ROBERTS, 1950; WINGO and AWAPARA, 1950). ROBERTS (1956), using pooled tissues, has shown that there is a fivetoExpand
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Suicide and primary affective disorders.
  • S. Guze, E. Robins
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  • The British journal of psychiatry : the journal…
  • 1 October 1970
Primary affective disorders, depressive or manic episodes in patients who have been psychiatrically well previously, or who have had episodes of mania or depression without other psychiatricExpand
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Clinical criteria for psychiatric diagnosis and DSM-III.
The authors identify the differences in formal inclusion and exclusion criteria used to classify patient data into diagnoses as the largest source of diagnostic unreliability in psychiatry. TheyExpand
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Neuroanatomical correlates of a lactate-induced anxiety attack.
Positron emission tomographic measurements of regional blood flow were used to assess local neuronal activity in patients with panic disorder and in normal control subjects before and during theExpand
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