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Aluminum hyperaccumulation in angiosperms: A review of its phylogenetic significance
The preliminary conclusions support the primitive status of aluminum hyperaccumulation, which provides an evolutionary model system for the integration of different biological disciplines, such as systematics, ecology, biogeography, physiology, and biochemistry.
Geography of African Rubiaceae with reference to glacial rain forest refuges
The Rubiaceae is among the most diversified and largest of the families in the African rain forest and consequently presents a suitable sample to test the theory of glacial forest refuges. Most
Distribution and Evolution of Circular Miniproteins in Flowering Plants[W]
It is predicted that the number of cyclotide within the Rubiaceae may exceed tens of thousands, potentially making cyclotides one of the largest protein families in the plant kingdom.
Palynological characters and their phylogenetic signal in Rubiaceae
The systematic usefulness of pollen morphology in Rubiaceae is discussed at the (sub)family, tribal, generic, and infraspecific levels, using up-to-date evolutionary hypotheses for the different lineages in the family.
World Checklist of Rubiaceae