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Predicting Persistent Back Symptoms by Psychosocial Risk Factors: Validity Criteria for the ÖMPSQ and the HKF-R 10 in Germany
Although the ÖMPSQ may be considered useful in identification of long-term functional loss or pain, over- and underestimation of patients at risk of chronic noncspecific back pain led to limited test-efficiencies and clinical utility for both questionnaires.
Multidisciplinary Pain Management of Chronic Back Pain: Helpful Treatments from the Patients’ Perspective
Patients’ perceived treatment helpfulness differs significantly between treatment modalities and corresponds to treatment outcome, indicating that perceivedreatment helpfulness was influenced by patient-related factors.
Preventing low back pain: diagnosis of psychosocial risk factors in athletes (MiSpEx Network)
Ein frühzeitiges Screening solcher Faktoren empfohlen, um die medizinische Diagnostik zu ergänzen and auf dieser Basis personalisierte präventive and therapeutische Interventionen ableiten zu können.