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Cutting Edge: Thymocyte-Independent and Thymocyte-Dependent Phases of Epithelial Patterning in the Fetal Thymus1
Thymic epithelial cells (TECs) in adult mice have been classified into distinct subsets based on keratin expression profiles. To explore the emergence of TEC subsets during ontogeny, we analyzedExpand
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Interdependence of cortical thymic epithelial cell differentiation and T-lineage commitment.
Thymocyte and thymic epithelial cell (TEC) development are interdependent processes. Although lineage relationships among progressively maturing thymocyte subsets have been characterized, theExpand
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IL-7-producing stromal cells are critical for lymph node remodeling.
Nonhematopoietic stromal cells of secondary lymphoid organs form important scaffold and fluid transport structures, such as lymph node (LN) trabeculae, lymph vessels, and conduits. Furthermore,Expand
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Ontogeny and Regulation of IL-7-Expressing Thymic Epithelial Cells1
Epithelial cells in the thymus produce IL-7, an essential cytokine that promotes the survival, differentiation, and proliferation of thymocytes. We identified IL-7-expressing thymic epithelial cellsExpand
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Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niches Produce Lineage-Instructive Signals to Control Multipotent Progenitor Differentiation.
Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) self-renew in bone marrow niches formed by mesenchymal progenitors and endothelial cells expressing the chemokine CXCL12, but whether a separate niche instructsExpand
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Transgenic Expression of Cyclin D1 in Thymic Epithelial Precursors Promotes Epithelial and T Cell Development1
We previously reported that precursors within the keratin (K) 8+5+ thymic epithelial cell (TEC) subset generate the major cortical K8+5− TEC population in a process dependent on T lineage commitment.Expand
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A dose effect of IL-7 on thymocyte development.
To study interleukin-7 (IL-7) in early thymocyte development, we generated mice transgenic (Tg) for the IL-7 gene under control of the lck proximal promoter. Founder line TgA, with the lowest levelExpand
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Structure and function of the thymic microenvironment.
Organs are more than the sum of their component parts--functional competence requires that these parts not only be present in the appropriate proportions, but also be arranged and function togetherExpand
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Inactivation of the RB family prevents thymus involution and promotes thymic function by direct control of Foxn1 expression
RB family genes control T cell production and promote thymic involution through reducing Foxn1 expression in thymic epithelial cells.
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Enzymatic Activity Is Required for the in Vivo Functions of CARM1*
CARM1 is one of nine protein arginine methyltransferases that methylate arginine residues in proteins. CARM1 is recruited by many different transcription factors as a positive regulator. GeneExpand
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