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Polymer viscoelasticity : stress and strain in practice
Structure of polymers crystalline and amorphous states in polymers rubber elasticity stress-strain relations for ideal solids and ideal liquids linear viscoelasticity - viscoelastic functions dynamicExpand
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Dipole moments and birefringence of polymers
A guide to the prediction of the physical properties of polymers having known chemical structures. Covering the basis of dipole moments and birefringences as general techniques, it reviews keyExpand
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Oxygen permeability of hydrogel contact lenses with organosilicon moieties.
Oxygen transport through two extended wear (day and night) hydrogel contact lenses that contain organosilicon moieties (balafilcon A and lotrafilcon A) was studied in the hydrate (hydrogel) and dryExpand
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Effect of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks on the gas transport performance of ZIF8-poly(1,4-phenylen
Abstract This work reports the permeability of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane and ethylene across ZIF-8/poly(1,4-phenylen ether-ether-sulfone) hybrid membranes containingExpand
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Biological oxygen apparent transmissibility of hydrogel contact lenses with and without organosilicon moieties.
The instrument oxygen transmissibility (IOT) of organosilicon hydrogels, measured by electrochemical procedures, is 5-10 times larger than that of conventional hydrogels. A method is described thatExpand
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Determination of Oxygen Permeability in Soft Contact Lenses Using a Polarographic Method: Estimation of Relevant Physiological Parameters
This work reports the apparent oxygen transmissibility Dk/t)app of four silicone hydrogel (Si−Hy) contact lenses (CLs). A method is described that allows the estimation of the oxygen tension at theExpand
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Influence of polyaniline intercalations on the conductivity and permselectivity of perfluorinated cation-exchange membranes
This work describes the effect of polyaniline intercalations, produced by polymerization in situ of aniline in perfluorinated sulfocationic polymer templates, on the electrochemical properties of theExpand
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Hybrid ion-exchange membranes for fuel cells and separation processes
Abstract This work reports the preparation and characterization of hybrid membranes cast from dispersions of inorganic fillers in sulfonatedExpand
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Secondary and primary relaxations in hyperbranched polyglycerol: a comparative study in the frequency and time domains.
The non-Debye relaxation behavior of hyperbranched polyglycerol was investigated by broadband dielectric spectroscopy. A thorough study of the relaxations was carried out paying special attention toExpand
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