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The Current State of Solar Modeling
Data from the Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) project and other helioseismic experiments provide a test for models of stellar interiors and for the thermodynamic and radiative properties, onExpand
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Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Sediments over the Past 200,000 Years
Optical dating of sediment using optically stimulated luminescence has become important for studying Earth surface processes, and this technique continues to develop rapidly. A group of closelyExpand
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82,000-year-old shell beads from North Africa and implications for the origins of modern human behavior
The first appearance of explicitly symbolic objects in the archaeological record marks a fundamental stage in the emergence of modern social behavior in Homo. Ornaments such as shell beads representExpand
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Australian desert dune fields initiated with Pliocene–Pleistocene global climatic shift
Development of continental aridity has been linked to late Cenozoic global cooling, but the evidence is indirect, based on terrestrial loess deposits and eolian silt in marine sediments, whereasExpand
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Episodic fluvial activity of inland rivers in southeastern Australia: Palaeochannel systems and terraces of the Lachlan River
Inland rivers in southeastern Australia preserve a long record of surface palaeochannels, accompanied by alluvial terraces that reflect changes in water and sediment discharges from the southeasternExpand
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The timing of linear dune activity in the Strzelecki and Tirari Deserts, Australia
Abstract Linear dunes occupy more than one-third of the Australian continent, but the timing of their formation is poorly understood. In this study, we collected 82 samples from 26 sites across theExpand
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Differential Rotation and Dynamics of the Solar Interior
Splitting of the sun's global oscillation frequencies by large-scale flows can be used to investigate how rotation varies with radius and latitude within the solar interior. The nearly uninterruptedExpand
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Sand beach ridges record 6000 year history of extreme tropical cyclone activity in northeastern Australia
Sand beach ridges are considered to be derived either from aeolian processes and/or waves but their deposition by individual or multiple storms has not been investigated in any detail. We useExpand
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Sand-drift and Soil Formation Along an Exposed North Atlantic Coastline: 14,000 Years of Diverse Geomorphological, Climatic and Human Impacts
This paper sets out the history of aeolian deposition and soil formation over the last 14–15,000 calendar years along the exposed and gale-prone Atlantic coastlines of the Southern Isles of the OuterExpand
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Dating sediments using potassium feldspar single-grain IRSL: Initial methodological considerations
Abstract Potassium feldspar shows good potential for luminescence dating of Quaternary sediments in several locations assessed, including California, Tibet, Mongolia, Spain, Egypt, the UK, and NewExpand
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