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Harmonic Polylogarithms
The harmonic polylogarithms (hpl’s) are introduced. They are a generalization of Nielsen’s polylogarithms, satisfying a product algebra (the product of two hpl’s is in turn a combination of hpl’s)Expand
Two-Loop Master Integrals for $\gamma^* \to 3$ Jets: The planar topologies
The calculation of the two-loop corrections to the three jet production rate and to event shapes in electron-positron annihilation requires the computation of a number of up to now unknown two-loopExpand
Glueball masses and string tension in lattice QCD
We study glueball masses in lattice QCD. We present the first numerical determination of the mass of the lowest spin 2 state in the scaling region, and find that it is close to the lowest spin 0Expand
Differential Equations for Two-Loop Four-Point Functions
At variance with fully inclusive quantities, which have been computed already at the two- or three-loop level, most exclusive observables are still known only at one loop, as further progress wasExpand
On Nielsen's generalized polylogarithms and their numerical calculation
The generalized polylogarithms of Nielsen are studied, in particular their functional relations. New integral expressions are obtained, and relations for function values of particular arguments areExpand
The two-loop QCD matrix element for e+e−→3 jets
Abstract We compute the O (α s 3 ) virtual QCD corrections to the γ ∗ →q q g matrix element arising from the interference of the two-loop with the tree-level amplitude and from the self-interferenceExpand
Differential Equations and Dispersion Relations for Feynman Amplitudes
The derivation of the Cutkosky’s cutting rule by means of the Veltman’s Largest Time Equation is described in detail, and the use of cut graphs, imaginary parts and dispersive representations withinExpand
Two-loop QCD corrections to the heavy quark form-factors: Axial vector contributions
Abstract We present closed analytic expressions of the electromagnetic vertex form factors for heavy quarks at the two-loop level in QCD for arbitrary momentum transfer. The calculation is carriedExpand
Analytic treatment of the two loop equal mass sunrise graph
Abstract The two loop equal mass sunrise graph is considered in the continuous d -dimensional regularisation for arbitrary values of the momentum transfer. After recalling the equivalence of theExpand
The present theoretical error on the Bhabha scattering cross section in the luminometry region at LEP
Abstract The results concerning the theoretical evaluation of the small-angle Bhabha Scattering cross section obtained during the Workshop on Physics at LEP2 (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 1995) by theExpand