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Actin filament severing by cofilin.
Cofilin is essential for cell viability and for actin-based motility. Cofilin severs actin filaments, which enhances the dynamics of filament assembly. We investigated the mechanism of filamentExpand
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Remodeling of actin filaments by ADF/cofilin proteins
Cofilin/ADF proteins play key roles in the dynamics of actin, one of the most abundant and highly conserved eukaryotic proteins. We used cryoelectron microscopy to generate a 9-Å resolutionExpand
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The Actin Cross-linking Domain of the Vibrio cholerae RTX Toxin Directly Catalyzes the Covalent Cross-linking of Actin*
Vibrio cholerae is a Gram-negative bacterial pathogen that exports enterotoxins to alter host cells and to elicit diarrheal disease. Among the secreted toxins is the multifunctional RTX toxin, whichExpand
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Atomic force microscopy reveals drebrin induced remodeling of f-actin with subnanometer resolution.
We show by high-resolution atomic force microscopy analysis that drebrin A (a major neuronal actin binding protein) induced F-actin structural and mechanical remodeling involves significant changesExpand
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ADF/cofilin use an intrinsic mode of F-actin instability to disrupt actin filaments
Proteins in the ADF/cofilin (AC) family are essential for rapid rearrangements of cellular actin structures. They have been shown to be active in both the severing and depolymerization of actinExpand
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Quantitative evaluation of the lengths of homobifunctional protein cross‐linking reagents used as molecular rulers
Homobifunctional chemical cross‐linking reagents are important tools for functional and structural characterization of proteins. Accurate measures of the lengths of these molecules currently are notExpand
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Drebrin-induced Stabilization of Actin Filaments*
Background: Drebrin is a mammalian neuronal protein that binds to and organizes filamentous actin (F-actin) in dendritic spines. Results: Drebrin protects actin filaments from depolymerization andExpand
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Functional studies of yeast actin mutants corresponding to human cardiomyopathy mutations
The molecular mechanisms by which different mutations in actin lead to distinct cardiomyopathies are unknown. Here, actin mutants corresponding to α-cardiac actin mutations causing hypertrophicExpand
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F-actin dismantling through a Redox-driven synergy between Mical and cofilin
Numerous cellular functions depend on actin filament (F-actin) disassembly. The best-characterized disassembly proteins, the ADF (actin-depolymerizing factor)/cofilins (encoded by the twinstar geneExpand
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Identification of cation-binding sites on actin that drive polymerization and modulate bending stiffness
The assembly of actin monomers into filaments and networks plays vital roles throughout eukaryotic biology, including intracellular transport, cell motility, cell division, determining cellularExpand
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