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Elaborating on elaborations: role of maternal reminiscing style in cognitive and socioemotional development.
Initial research on maternal reminiscing style established clear and consistent individual differences that vary along a dimension of maternal elaboration and that are related to children'sExpand
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Mother-Child Conversations About the Past: Relationships of Style and Memory Over Time
This study investigated long-term consistency and change in maternal style for talk about the past and relationships of those styles with children's memory participation. Nineteen white, middle-classExpand
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Picture book reading with young children: A conceptual framework
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to synthesize research on picture book reading with young children (i.e., children under the age of 3). In this paper, we review cross-sectional, longitudinal,Expand
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Quality of adult book reading affects children's emergent literacy.
The authors assessed the relative benefits of 3 styles of adult book reading for preschoolers' emergent literacy. A describer style focused on describing pictures during the reading, a comprehenderExpand
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Coherence of Personal Narratives Across the Lifespan: A Multidimensional Model and Coding Method
Personal narratives are integral to autobiographical memory and to identity, with coherent personal narratives being linked to positive developmental outcomes across the lifespan. In this article, weExpand
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Parental Styles of Talking About the Past
Past research indicates that mothers have different styles of reminiscing with their children (e.g., R.Fivush & F. A. Fromhoff, 1988). This study examined fathers' styles of talking about the pastExpand
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Predicting children's literacy from mother-child conversations
Abstract Early mother-child conversations may be differentially related to children's emergent literacy, depending on the contexts examined and the function of specific utterance types within thoseExpand
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Maternal Style and Children's Participation in Reminiscing: Stepping Stones in Children's Autobiographical Memory Development
In this study we investigated maternal and child factors in children's autobiographical memory development. Fifty-eight mother-child dyads discussed unique past events when the children were 19, 25,Expand
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Emotional reminiscing and the development of an autobiographical self.
According to autobiographical memory theorists, past event conversations provide children with a framework for evaluating and connecting past events into a coherent autobiography (R. Fivush, 1994; K.Expand
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