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Benthic deep-sea fungi in submarine canyons of the Mediterranean Sea
Abstract Fungi are ubiquitous components of microbial assemblages in aquatic ecosystems, but their quantitative relevance, ecological role and diversity in benthic deep-sea ecosystems are stillExpand
Microplastics in the sediments of Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica).
This is the first survey to investigate the occurrence and extent of plastic contamination in sediments collected in Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica). Plastic debris extracted from 31 samples ofExpand
Microbial assemblages for environmental quality assessment: Knowledge, gaps and usefulness in the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Abstract The EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC (MSFD) defines a framework for Community actions in the field of marine environmental policy in order to achieve and/or maintain theExpand
Implementing and Innovating Marine Monitoring Approaches for Assessing Marine Environmental Status
We present several recently developed methodologies and technologies to improve marine biodiversity indicators and monitoring methods. Expand
Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor
Viruses cause the mortality of a large fraction of deep-sea benthic archaea, thereby influencing overall ecosystem functions. Viruses are the most abundant biological entities in the world’s oceans,Expand
Impact of mangrove forests degradation on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
Mangroves are amongst the most productive marine ecosystems on Earth, providing a unique habitat opportunity for many species and key goods and services for human beings. Mangrove habitats areExpand
Towards a better quantitative assessment of the relevance of deep-sea viruses, Bacteria and Archaea in the functioning of the ocean seafloor
The deep-ocean interior contains the majority of microbes present on Earth. Most deep-sea microbes are concentrated in surface sediments, with abundances up to 4 orders of magnitude higher, per unitExpand
Patterns and drivers of bacterial α- and β-diversity across vertical profiles from surface to subsurface sediments.
We investigated the patterns and drivers of bacterial α- and β-diversity, along with viral and prokaryotic abundance and the carbon production rates, in marine surface and subsurface sediments (downExpand
High diversity of benthic bacterial and archaeal assemblages in deep-Mediterranean canyons and adjacent slopes
Abstract Submarine canyons and slopes increase the topographic heterogeneity of continental margins and enhance mass and energy transfer from the shelf to the deeper basins, profoundly influencingExpand
Transfer of labile organic matter and microbes from the ocean surface to the marine aerosol: an experimental approach
Surface ocean bubble-bursting generates aerosols composed of microscopic salt-water droplets, enriched in marine organic matter. The organic fraction profoundly influences aerosols’ properties, byExpand