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A survey of approaches to automatic schema matching
Abstract. Schema matching is a basic problem in many database application domains, such as data integration, E-business, data warehousing, and semantic query processing. In current implementations,Expand
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COMA - A System for Flexible Combination of Schema Matching Approaches
Schema matching is the task of finding semantic correspondences between elements of two schemas. It is needed in many database applications, such as integration of web data sources, data warehouseExpand
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Generic Schema Matching with Cupid
Schema matching is a critical step in many applications, such as XML message mapping, data warehouse loading, and schema integration. In this paper, we investigate algorithms for generic schemaExpand
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Similarity flooding: a versatile graph matching algorithm and its application to schema matching
Matching elements of two data schemas or two data instances plays a key role in data warehousing, e-business, or even biochemical applications. In this paper we present a matching algorithm based onExpand
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Schema and ontology matching with COMA++
We demonstrate the schema and ontology matching tool COMA++. It extends our previous prototype COMA utilizing a composite approach to combine different match algorithms [3]. COMA++ implementsExpand
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Data Cleaning: Problems and Current Approaches
We classify data quality problems that are addressed by data cleaning and provide an overview of the main solution approaches. Data cleaning is especially required when integrating heterogeneous dataExpand
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Evaluation of entity resolution approaches on real-world match problems
Despite the huge amount of recent research efforts on entity resolution (matching) there has not yet been a comparative evaluation on the relative effectiveness and efficiency of alternateExpand
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Comparison of Schema Matching Evaluations
Recently, schema matching has found considerable interest in both research and practice. Determining matching components of database or XML schemas is needed in many applications, e.g. for E-businessExpand
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Matching large schemas: Approaches and evaluation
Current schema matching approaches still have to improve for large and complex Schemas. The large search space increases the likelihood for false matches as well as execution times. FurtherExpand
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