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Excitation lifetime of photosynthetic pigments in vitro and in vivo.
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Quantum Yields of Fluorescence of Plant Pigments.
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Two Forms of Chlorophyll a in vivo with Distinct Photochemical Functions
Action spectra of the Emerson effect in Chlorella and Navicula reveal peaks at 670 mut, in addition to those at 650 mu (Chlorella) and 630 m� (Navicula) attributable to chlorophylls b and c. Thus,Expand
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"Second Emerson Effect" in the Hill Reaction of Chlorella Cells with Quinone as Oxidant
The second Emerson effect can be observed not only in photosynthesis but also in the photoreduction of quinone by Chlorella cells. This shows that this effect is not due to respiration and is notExpand
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Selective scattering of light by pigments in vivo.
Abstract Pigmented plant cells scatter light with strong spectral selectivity. The scattering maxima and minima can be attributed to anomalous dispersion within the colored phases in the cells.Expand
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Red Drop and Role of Auxiliary Pigments in Photosynthesis.
Note: When Robert Emerson zvas killed in a plane accident on February 4. 1959, much of the experimental material accumulated in his two years work on the action spectrum of photosynthesis in theExpand
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Photosynthesis And Related Processes (Vol.1)
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Maximum quantum yield and action spectrum of photosynthesis and fluorescence in Chlorella.
SUMMARY The maximum yield of oxygen production in Chlorella was found, in new, systematic experiments, not to exceed o.12, under a great variety of conditions. Measurements were made on autosporesExpand
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Excitation energy transfer between pigments in photosynthetic cells.
The excitation lifetimes of photosynthetic pigments and the times needed for energy transfer between pigments in various algae, were determined in vitro and in vivo. For this purpose, the time curvesExpand
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