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Selection of Sand Filtration Rates
1. The Ames municipal wells raw, aerated well water that contains 8-9 ppm total iron. Copper sulfate was added at 0.5 ppm as copper, and the water was mixed in a slow-speed mix tank to assureExpand
The Application of Filtration Theory to Pilot‐Plant Design
This paper proposes a way to apply current filtration theory to the design and use of pilot plants. Expand
Evaluation of Temperature Effects on Trickling Filter Plant Performance
This paper presents a mathematical-statistical method to help evaluate the temperature effect on BOD and SS residual ratio during and after a trickling filter plant treatment. MathematicalExpand
Free Available Chlorine Residuals for Small Nonpublic Water Supplies
MUNICIPAL water supplies in the United States received no chemical treatment for disinfection 60 years ago. In many cities, water was pumped directly from rivers to the mains. This is a far cry fromExpand
Flow and Load Variations in Treatment Plant Design
A major problem in designing water pollution control plants is sizing units to have adequate capacity to treat peak flow rates and waste loads without process failure or significant loss inExpand
A study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of supplemental aeration in improving the performance of an rotating biological contactor (RBC) treatment system whose first and second stages wereExpand
Streaming potentials in diatomite filtration of water
ing solids from a water depend on the surface charge. If the particles in water contributing to its turbidity have a zeta potential opposite to that of the filter medium, coagulation of the solids onExpand
Sludge production in rotating biological contactors with supplemental aeration and an enlarged first stage
Abstract A full-scale rotating biological contactor (RBC) was used to study the effectiveness of supplemental aeration and an enlarged first stage in improving the performance of an RBC system. TheseExpand
Modified Form of Diatomite Filtration Equation
MANY been written filtration since equations 1856, when have been written since 1856, when Darcy checked Poiseuille's equation and found that it was valid for flow through sand and various otherExpand
A Theory of Diatomite Filtration
quently, most water filtration theories have been based on and compared with results obtained from sand filters. Some basic research in the field of diatomite filtration has been conducted byExpand