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Selective optothermal detection of NO2 and H2O with a frequency-tuned CO waveguide laser
The results are reported of the CO-laser optothermal (OT) detection of impurity gases when their absorption spectra overlap with those of an interfering gas. The influence of the latter was avoidedExpand
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Switching of the emission wavelength of a helium-neon laser in the 3.39 μ region
The emission switched from the λ = 3.3922 μ 5s'[1/2]01–4p'[3/2]2(3s2–3p4) line to the λ1 = 3.3912 μ 5s'[1/2]01–4p'[1/2]1(3s2-3p4) line in such a way as to maximize the power at the λ1 wavelength. TheExpand
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Model of an invariant correlator with liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
Invariant pattern recognition using a model of a coherent holographic correlator with liquid-crystal spatial light modulators as input devices has been experimentally analysed.
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Laser frequency standards based on saturated-dispersion lines of methane
A review is given of the state-of-the-art and of likely developments in laser frequency standards based on two-mode gas (He — Ne) and solid-state (Li : RbCl) lasers, in which the reference points areExpand
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Optothermal spectroscopy of CH3CN by a waveguide CO2 laser: Atlas of absorption lines
An investigation of the absorption of CH3CN at 63 lines of a tunable waveguide CO2 laser has been performed using the optothermal technique.
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Tunable CO2 waveguide laser
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Investigation of the lasing conditions for several transitions in waveguide CO2 lasers utilizing a diffraction grating
A study was made of the conditions for two-frequency switchable lasing between neighboring vibrational--rotational transitions in waveguide CO/sub 2/ lasers utilizing a diffraction grating. AExpand
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Stabilization of the frequency of a two-mode He–Ne laser with the aid of magnetic hyperfine structure components of the λ =3.39 μ line of methane
The frequency of a two-mode He–Ne laser (λ =3.39 μ) with an intracavity telescopic beam expander was stabilized for the first time using resolved magnetic hyperfine structure components of theExpand
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LASER APPLICATIONS AND OTHER ASPECTS OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS: Laser diagnostics of the ammonia pollutant in the atmosphere from an aircraft
A differential absorption method combined with heterodyne photodetection was used in a remote laser gas analyzer placed on board of an aircraft. A waveguide CO2 laser with alternate switching ofExpand
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