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Direct and indirect cellular effects of aspartame on the brain
It is proposed that excessive aspartame ingestion might be involved in the pathogenesis of certain mental disorders (DSM-IV-TR 2000) and also in compromised learning and emotional functioning.
A phylogenetic analysis of dung beetles (Scarabaeinae : Scarabaeidae): unrolling an evolutionary history
Evidence supports the origin of the Scarabaeinae before the Tertiary and subsequent vicariance of many clades via the breakup of Gondwanaland and new interpretations of the evolution of rolling, its possible loss, nesting and feeding behaviours, and future changes in classification are discussed.
Serum ferritin is an important inflammatory disease marker, as it is mainly a leakage product from damaged cells.
It is argued here that serum ferritin arises from damaged cells, and is thus a marker of cellular damage, and therefore why it correlates with the presence and/or severity of numerous diseases.
The dormant blood microbiome in chronic, inflammatory diseases
Overall, it seems that many more chronic, non-communicable, inflammatory diseases may have a microbial component than are presently considered, and may be treatable using bactericidal antibiotics or vaccines.
Investigation into the usability of geometric morphometric analysis in assessment of sexual dimorphism.
This paper aims to investigate the usability of Geometric morphometrics by assessing three different morphologic characteristics in a sample of South African blacks: shape of the greater sciatic notch, mandibular ramus flexure, andshape of the orbits.
Subjective visual evaluation vs. traditional and geometric morphometrics in species delimitation: a comparison of moth genitalia
It is concluded that geometric morphometrics provides a powerful way to search for differences between taxa and serves as an objective, useful and novel way to visualize morphological variation in shape in insect taxonomy.
Primary and secondary coenzyme Q10 deficiency: the role of therapeutic supplementation.
It has been clearly demonstrated that treatment with CoQ10 is effective in numerous disorders and deficiency states and that supplementation has a favorable outcome, but it is not routinely prescribed in clinical practice.
The Biology of Lactoferrin, an Iron-Binding Protein That Can Help Defend Against Viruses and Bacteria
There is evidence that lactoferrin can bind to at least some of the receptors used by coronaviruses and thereby block their entry, and may consequently be of preventive and therapeutic value during the present COVID-19 pandemic.
On the translocation of bacteria and their lipopolysaccharides between blood and peripheral locations in chronic, inflammatory diseases: the central roles of LPS and LPS-induced cell death.
  • D. Kell, E. Pretorius
  • Biology, Medicine
    Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences…
  • 2 November 2015
The bacterial requirement for free iron explains the strong co-existence in these diseases of iron dysregulation, LPS production, and inflammation through the centrality of a dormant blood microbiome that can resuscitate and shed cell wall components.
Poorly controlled type 2 diabetes is accompanied by significant morphological and ultrastructural changes in both erythrocytes and in thrombin-generated fibrin: implications for diagnostics
The axial ratio of the erythrocytes of poorly controlled type 2 diabetics was significantly increased, and that their fibrin morphologies were again highly aberrant, but these could be reversed, to some degree, by the addition of the iron chelators deferoxamine (DFO) or deferasirox (DFX).