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Protons in near earth orbit
The proton spectrum in the kinetic energy range 0.1 to 200 GeV was measured by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) during space shuttle flight STS-91 at an altitude of 380km. Above the geomagnetic
CMOS fully compatible microwave detector based on MOSFET operating in resistive regime
A microwave detector featuring full compatibility with standard CMOS process is presented. It is based on the channel resistance nonlinearity of a MOSFET operating in ohmic regime. The detecting
Coherent transport of quantum states by deep reinforcement learning
Deep Reinforcement Learning is applied to control coherent transport of quantum states in arrays of quantum dots and it is demonstrated that DRL can solve the control problem in the absence of a known analytical solution even under disturbance conditions.
Band transport across a chain of dopant sites in silicon over micron distances and high temperatures
By employing an atomic chain consisting of an array of 20 atoms implanted along the channel of a silicon transistor with length of 1 μm, this work extends to such unprecedented distance both the single electron quantum transport via sequential tunneling, and to room temperature the features of the Hubbard bands, providing a new example of scaling of quantum mechanical properties.
Universal set of quantum gates for double-dot exchange-only spin qubits with intradot coupling
We present a universal set of quantum gate operations based on exchange-only spin qubits in a double quantum dot, where each qubit is obtained by three electrons in the (2,1) filling. Gate operations
Digitally stimulated Raman passage by deep reinforcement learning
Abstract Preparing an arbitrary preselected coherent superposition of quantum states finds widespread application in physics, including initialization of trapped ion and superconductor qubits in
Atomic scale nanoelectronics for quantum neuromorphic devices: comparing different materials
  • E. Prati
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • 3 June 2016
The different methods towards the creation of a new generation of naturally inspired and biophysically meaningful artificial neurons, in order to replace the rigid CMOS based neuromorphic hardware are compared.
Gyroelectric and gyromagnetic media have tensorial gyrotropic dielectric permittivity ε and magnetic permeability μ and thus are generally treated separately. In order to unify their descriptions and
Charge dynamics of a single donor coupled to a few-electron quantum dot in silicon
We report on the charge transfer dynamics between a silicon quantum dot and an individual phosphorous donor extracted from the current through the quantum dot as a probe for the donor ionization
Few electron limit of n-type metal oxide semiconductor single electron transistors.
The electronic transport on n-type silicon single electron transistors fabricated in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology enables massive production of SETs for ultimate nanoelectronic and quantum variable based devices.