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Nonlinear association between soil lead and blood lead of children in metropolitan New Orleans, Louisiana: 2000-2005.
Metropolitan New Orleans is unique because it has a universal blood lead (BL) screening dataset (n=55,551) from 2000-2005 spatially coupled with a soil lead (SL) dataset (n=5467) completed in 2000.Expand
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PAHs and metals in the soils of inner-city and suburban New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Representative soil samples of an inner-city and suburban community (n = 19 each) are evaluated for 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons-PAHs (naphthalene, acenaphthylene, acenaphthene, fluorene,Expand
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Multiple metal contamination from house paints: consequences of power sanding and paint scraping in New Orleans.
Power sanding exterior paint is a common practice during repainting of old houses in New Orleans, Louisiana, that triggers lead poisoning and releases more than Pb. In this study we quantified theExpand
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Urban soil-lead (Pb) footprint: retrospective comparison of public and private properties in New Orleans
Lead (Pb) is a toxin that after childhood exposure poses a lifetime of health risks. One route of exposure is soil-Pb as a result of ∼12 million metric tons of Pb residue in paint and gasoline soldExpand
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Soil intervention as a strategy for lead exposure prevention: the New Orleans lead-safe childcare playground project.
The feasibility of reducing children's exposure to lead (Pb) polluted soil in New Orleans is tested. Childcare centers (median = 48 children) are often located in former residences. The extent ofExpand
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New Orleans before and after Hurricanes Katrina/Rita: a quasi-experiment of the association between soil lead and children's blood lead.
Prior to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (HKR), significant associations were noted between soil lead (SL) and blood lead (BL) in New Orleans. Engineering failure of New Orleans levees and canal wallsExpand
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Environmental and health disparities in residential communities of New Orleans: the need for soil lead intervention to advance primary prevention.
Urban environments are the major sites for human habitation and this study evaluates soil lead (Pb) and blood Pb at the community scale of a U.S. city. There is no safe level of Pb exposure forExpand
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New Orleans soil lead (Pb) cleanup using Mississippi River alluvium: need, feasibility, and cost.
In New Orleans, LA prior to hurricane Katrina 20-30% of inner-city children had elevated blood Pb levels > or =10 microg/ dL and 10 census tracts had a median surface soil level of Pb >1000 mg/kgExpand
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Sources and Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Soils: Case Studies of Detroit and New Orleans
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are ubiquitous organic pollutants in urban environments. Incomplete combustion of petroleum and coal are the primary sources of elevated concentrations ofExpand
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Soil arsenic surveys of New Orleans: localized hazards in children’s play areas
Arsenic (As) ranks first on the 2005 and 2007 hazardous substances priority lists compiled for the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). This study describesExpand
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