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Replicase-mediated resistance to alfalfa mosaic virus.
With the GGD, GVD, and DDD mutants, resistance was generally observed in plants with a relatively high expression level, indicating that the resistance is due to the mutant replicase rather than to an RNA-mediated cosuppression phenomenon.
Global COVID-19 lockdown highlights humans as both threats and custodians of the environment
Relative performance of monohaploid potato clones and their diploid parents at plant level and after protoplast isolation and subsequent fusion
No or only weak correlations were found between different in vitro characteristics such as plant growth, protoplast yield per gram plant material, plating efficiency and callus growth, which indicates the unpredictability of these characters.
How well do the spring indices predict phenological activity across plant species?
A rich record of observational plant phenology data is used to evaluate how well gridded maps of the spring index models predict leaf and flowering onset dates in 19 species of ecologically important, broadly distributed deciduous trees and shrubs and the lilac and honeysuckle species used to construct the models.
Solenodon paradoxus (Soricomorpha: Solenodontidae)
S. paradoxus is 1 of 2 extant species in the genus Solenodon, and 2 subspecies are recognized; the species is one of few venomous mammals with venom delivery through a channel in a modified lower incisor.
Nature's Notebook and Extension: Engaging Citizen-Scientists and 4-H Youth to Observe a Changing Environment.
Extension, with its access to long-term volunteers, has the unique ability to teach citizen scientists about the connection between climate variability and the resulting effects on plants, animals,
Short-Term Forecasts of Insect Phenology Inform Pest Management
Since their release in early 2018, these Pheno Forecasts have been adopted by tree care specialists and foresters across the United States and expanded and modified to include additional species, improved descriptions of the phenophase event of interest, and e-mail-based notifications to support management decisions.