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Professionals or Politicians: The Uncertain Empirical Case for an Elected Rather Than Appointed Judiciary
Conventional wisdom holds that appointed judges are superior to elected judges because appointed judges are less vulnerable to political pressure. However, there is little empirical evidence for thisExpand
Law and Social Norms
1. Introduction: Law and Collective Action I. Models of Nonlegal Collective Action 2. A Model of Cooperation and the Production of Social Norms 3. Extensions, Objections, and Alternative Theories II.Expand
New Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis
This book provides a systematic account of CBA as a welfarist decision procedure. We reject the traditional defense of CBA in terms of Kaldor-Hicks efficiency, and argue instead that CBA is aExpand
The Political Economy of Property Exemption Laws
Exemption laws enable people who default on loans to protect certain assets from liquidation. Every state has its own set of exemption laws, and they vary widely. The 1978 federal bankruptcy lawExpand
Rethinking Cost-Benefit Analysis
This paper analyzes cost-benefit analysis from legal, economic, and philosophical perspectives. The traditional defense of cost-benefit analysis is that it maximizes a social welfare function thatExpand
Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society
PAnelists: AlyA GusevA / AssociAte Professor of socioloGy, Boston university cAthie Jo MArtin / Professor of PoliticAl science At Boston university AnD Director of the center for the stuDy of euroPe,Expand
A Proposal to Limit the Anti-Competitive Power of Institutional Investors
Recent scholarship has shown that mutual funds and other institutional investors may cause softer competition among product market rivals because of their significant ownership stakes in competingExpand
Implementing Cost-Benefit Analysis When Preferences are Distorted
It is argued that cost-benefit analysis is best understood as a welfarist decision procedure, and its most plausible defense is that use of cost- benefit analysis is more likely to maximize overall well-being than is use of alternative decision-procedures. Expand
The Twilight of Human Rights Law
Introduction Chapter 1. The History of International Human Rights Law 1.1. Prehistory-Before World War II 1.2. The Universal Declaration 1.3. The Cold War Era 1.4. The Modern Era Chapter 2. The LawExpand
Symbols, Signals, and Social Norms in Politics and the Law
This article uses a signaling model to explain the role of symbols in people's behavior and beliefs, with special attention to legal manipulation of symbols. It is argued that certain actions becomeExpand