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Electroanalysis of dopamine and NADH at conductive diamond electrodes
Abstract Highly boron-doped diamond thin-film electrodes were examined for various possible applications in electroanalysis. Electrochemical oxidation of dopamine and NADH was investigated usingExpand
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Gypsy Economy: Romani Livelihoods and Notions of Worth in the 21st Century
The gypsy economy is fully embedded into the market. This is the initial remark of Gypsy Economy. The book was edited by Micol Brazzabeni, Manuela Ivone Cunha and Martin Fotta, and the afterword toExpand
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Using undercooling to measure the freezing points of aqueous solutions
Abstract In this paper, a new type of sensor for in-line measurements of antifreeze mass fraction in aqueous solutions is described. Its principles of operation are based on the exploitation of theExpand
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The electrooxidation of organic acids at boron-doped diamond electrodes
Abstract The electrooxidation of citric acid, malic acid, alanine and cysteine at boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrodes and glassy carbon (GC) electrodes was investigated by use of cyclic voltammetry.Expand
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Study of the soil burial degradation of some PLA/CS biocomposites
Abstract The chitosan effect on the soil burial degradation of polylactic acid plasticized with tributyl o-acetyl citrate (ATBC) was studied by weight loss measurements, changes in average molecularExpand
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Searching for cold-adapted microorganisms in the underground glacier of Scarisoara Ice Cave, Romania
Scarisoara Ice Cave (Romania) hosts one of world’s largest and oldest underground glacier. While no studies were carried out on the existence of microorganisms in this cave’s ice block, our interestExpand
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Stress and strain in automotive diodes-a RVT, IR and XR study
The methods of achieving the needed reliability for the automotive rectifier CAN diodes are discussed. The RVT tool needed for investigation was found, a new stress relief shape was designed and IRExpand
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The Smallest Active Carbamoyl Phosphate Synthetase Was Identified in the Human Gut Archaeon Methanobrevibacter smithii
The genome of the major intestinal archaeon Methanobrevibacter smithii contains a complex gene system coding for carbamoyl phosphate synthetase (CPSase) composed of both full-length and reduced-sizeExpand
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