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ElderSafe - Risks and countermeasures for road traffic of elderly in Europe
Elderly road users; risk factors; safety; road design; education; training; licensing; vehicle and ITS technologies; and vehicle andITS technologies.
Identifying Crash Patterns on Roundabouts
Four dominant crash types are identified: rear-end crashes, collisions with vulnerable road users, entering–circulating crashes, and single-vehicle collisions with the central island.
Drivers' behavioral responses to combined speed and red light cameras.
Road Safety Differences between Priority-Controlled Intersections and Right-Hand Priority Intersections
This study analyzes interactions between two vehicles at right-hand priority intersections and priority-controlled intersections and will help to gain a better insight into safety differences between
Crash Patterns at Signalized Intersections
Traffic signals are often implemented to provide for efficient movement and to improve traffic safety. Nevertheless, severe crashes still occur at signalized intersections. This study aims to improve
The effect of wind turbines alongside motorways on drivers’ behaviour
This paper presents the results of a first study aimed at investigating whether the presence of wind turbines in close proximity to motorways leads to behavioural adaptations among passing drivers.
Road safety differences between priority intersections and intersections with priority to the right: a behavioural analysis of road user interactions
The objective of this study is to identify possible traffic safety differences between priority and priority to the right intersections by observing the road user behaviour at both intersections in
How is Older Drivers Safety enhanced by In-Vehicle Assistance Systems ?
The present paper reviews existing literature dedicated to the effectiveness of in-vehicle ITS to older drivers’ safety and focuses on the intersection control, the lateral/longitudinal control, as well as the parking, the night vision and the general navigation.