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The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion.
List of tables and figures Preface 1. Introduction: the fragmented state of opinion research 2. Information, predispositions, and opinion 3. How citizens acquire information and convert it intoExpand
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Becoming a Habitual Voter: Inertia, Resources, and Growth in Young Adulthood
  • E. Plutzer
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  • American Political Science Review
  • 1 March 2002
This paper reframes our inquiry into voter turnout by making aging the lens through which the traditional resource and cost measures of previous turnout research are viewed, thereby making threeExpand
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Evolution and Creationism in America's Classrooms: A National Portrait
Despite many legal and legislative decisions, a new study shows that one in eight high school biology instructors teach their students that creationism or intelligent design is a valid alternative toExpand
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Ten Thousand Democracies: Politics and Public Opinion in America's School Districts
Preface 1. Policy Responsiveness in American School Districts 2. Financing Public Education 3. Public Opinion and Americans' Commitment to Educational Spending 4. Direct Democracy, Indirect DemocracyExpand
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Defeating Creationism in the Courtroom, But Not in the Classroom
Sixty percent of U.S. high school biology teachers are not advocates for either evolutionary biology or nonscientific alternatives. Just over 5 years ago, the scientific community turned itsExpand
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It Takes a Candidate: Why Women Don't Run for Office
It Takes a Candidate: Why Women Don't Run for Office . By Jennifer L. Lawless and Richard L. Fox. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press. 2005. 203 pp. $65.00 cloth, $22.99 paper. Why doExpand
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Les AA. etudient le vote en faveur des femmes dans le cadre d'election a des postes de senateur ou de gouverneur. Ils presentent un certain nombre de donnees collectees aux Etats-Unis en 1992 dans 14Expand
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Work life family life and womens support of feminism.
Recent research has attempted to explain wide ecological divisions among women in terms of their different life styles and their subjective commitment to them. Special attention has been given to theExpand
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Gray Peril or Loyal Support? The Effects of the Elderly on Educational Expenditures*
Do large concentrations of elderly represent a "gray peril" to maintaining adequate educational expenditures? The gray peril hypothesis is based on an assumption of instrumental self-interest inExpand
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Climate confusion among U.S. teachers
Teachers' knowledge and values can hinder climate education Although more than 95% of active climate scientists attribute recent global warming to human causes (1, 2) and most of the general publicExpand
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