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Statistical Database
A statistical database is a database used for statistical analysis purposes. It is an OLAP (online analytical processing), instead of OLTP (online transaction. Whats new? Help us improve thisExpand
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Search result diversification
Result diversification has recently attracted much attention as a means of increasing user satisfaction in recommender systems and web search. Many different approaches have been proposed in theExpand
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Locating Objects in Mobile Computing
In current distributed systems, the notion of mobility is emerging in many forms and applications. Mobility arises naturally in wireless computing since the location of users changes as they move.Expand
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Content-Based Routing of Path Queries in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems are gaining increasing popularity as a scalable means to share data among a large number of autonomous nodes. In this paper, we consider the case in which the nodes in aExpand
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Business models and transactions in mobile electronic commerce: requirements and properties
Abstract Advances in wireless network technology and the continuously increasing number of users of hand-held terminals make the latter a possible channel for offering personalized services to mobileExpand
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Scalable processing of read-only transactions in broadcast push
Recently, push-based delivery has attracted considerable attention as a means of disseminating information to large client populations in both wired and wireless settings. We address the problem ofExpand
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DisC diversity: result diversification based on dissimilarity and coverage
Recently, result diversification has attracted a lot of attention as a means to improve the quality of results retrieved by user queries. In this paper, we propose a new, intuitive definition ofExpand
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Adding Context to Preferences
To handle the overwhelming amount of information currently available, personalization systems allow users to specify the information that interests them through preferences. Most often, users haveExpand
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"You May Also Like" Results in Relational Databases
In this position paper, we consider extending relational database systems with a recommendation functionality. In particular, we propose that, along with the results of each query, the user getsExpand
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Mobile Agents for Wireless Computing: The Convergence of Wireless Computational Models with Mobile-Agent Technologies
Wireless mobile computing breaks the stationary barrier and allows users to compute and access information from anywhere and at anytime. However, this new freedom of movement does not come withoutExpand
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