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Vector modeling—Part I: Generalized hysteresis model
A general model for vector hysteresis is presented. We will show that the model is in agreement with the required thermodynamical properties and with the macroscopic properties observed in the realExpand
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Vector modeling-Part II: Ellipsoidal vector hysteresis model. Numerical application to a 2D case
A 2D implementation of the general model for vector hysteresis described in Part I, using a family of hysterons with elliptical critical surface is presented. The properties of this model areExpand
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Analysis of magnetic losses of cylindrical cores in the frequency domain
This paper presents a formulation in the frequency domain for the dynamic losses due to hysteresis and eddy currents in cylindrical cores of isotropic materials. After the identification of theExpand
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Numerical implementation of the radial vector hysteresis model
This paper discusses the numerical implementation of a new vector hysteresis model, the radial vector model, introduced as general hysteresis vector model for both isotropic and anisotropic magneticExpand
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Identifying the Preisach function for soft magnetic materials
This paper discusses a technique for estimating the Preisach function of a soft magnetic material from symmetrical magnetizing processes. Utilizing the independence of the "up" switching process fromExpand
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Identifying the parameters of the reduced vector Preisach model: theory and experiment
In this paper, we discuss the use of a reduced vector Preisach model for a preliminary analysis of rotating hysteresis in laminated Fe-Si steels. In particular, we present a simplified identificationExpand
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Magnetic energy and radial vector model of hysteresis
In this paper we discuss some properties of the radial vector model (RVM) proposed as a three-dimensional extension of the classical scalar Preisach model (CSPM). In particular, we prove that theExpand
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Modeling of laminas of magnetic iron with a Reduced Vector Preisach Model
Abstract In this paper we use a Reduced Vector Preisach Model for a preliminary analysis of rotating hysteresis in laminated Si–Fe steels. After the description of the main facts about the vectorialExpand
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Using the reduced Preisach vector model to predict the cut angle influence in Si-Fe steels
In this paper, we present and discuss the use of a reduced Preisach vector model (RVPM) as a numerical tool for the analysis of the influence of the cut angle in the magnetic behavior of laminatedExpand
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Increasing the accuracy of the numerical identification of the modified scalar Preisach model
In this paper, we discuss in general the numerical problem of the identification of the Preisach function in the Modified Scalar Preisach Model (MSPM) for soft materials. We show that the solution ofExpand
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