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Preventing the return of fear in humans using reconsolidation update mechanisms
The adaptive role of reconsolidation as a window of opportunity to rewrite emotional memories is demonstrated, and a non-invasive technique that can be used safely in humans to prevent the return of fear is suggested.
Emotion and cognition: insights from studies of the human amygdala.
  • E. Phelps
  • Psychology, Biology
    Annual review of psychology
  • 2006
This review explores insights into the relations between emotion and cognition that have resulted from studies of the human amygdala, suggesting that the classic division between the study of emotion and Cognition may be unrealistic and that an understanding of human cognition requires the consideration of emotion.
Performance on Indirect Measures of Race Evaluation Predicts Amygdala Activation
The results suggest that amygdala and behavioral responses to Black-versus-White faces in White subjects reflect cultural evaluations of social groups modified by individual experience.
Lesions of the human amygdala impair enhanced perception of emotionally salient events
Under conditions of limited attention for normal perceptual awareness, it is shown that healthy observers demonstrate robust benefits for the perception of verbal stimuli of aversive content compared with stimuli of neutral content.
Classical fear conditioning in the anxiety disorders: a meta-analysis.