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Lung function, oxygen saturation and symptoms among street sweepers in calabar-Nigeria.
Chronic inhalation of dust impairs lung function and may cause respiratory symptoms. However, knowledge about the type of dust that can cause these problems is uncertain. Very little attention hasExpand
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Prediction formulae for lung function parameters in females of south eastern Nigeria.
This study was carried out to obtain normal lung function values for women in south eastern Nigeria with a view to establishing prediction equations for forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratoryExpand
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CD4 count levels and pattern of respiratory complications in HIV seropositive patients in Calabar, Nigeria.
A prospective observational study was carried out to describe the pattern of pulmonary complications in hospitalized patients with Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV) infection at the University ofExpand
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Prevalence and pattern of abnormal glucose tolerance in adult Nigerians with primary hypertension.
BACKGROUND Hypertension and diabetes mellitus relate to one another aetiologically and prognostically. Studies show that hypertension occurs frequently in diabetics than non-diabetics. Data on theExpand
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Lung function status of workers exposed to wood dust in timber markets in Calabar, Nigeria.
The effect of chronic exposure to dust from local woods such as ebony, achi, and iroko on lung function of timber market workers in Calabar - Nigeria, was studied. Forced vital capacity (FVC), ForcedExpand
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Traditional Healers' Practices and the Spread of HIV/AIDS in South Eastern Nigeria
A 3-year (1997-1999) prospective study was carried out to evaluate the possible role of traditional healers (THs) in the spread of HIV/AIDS in south eastern Nigeria. Their patients' knowledge of HIVExpand
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Acute bacterial meningitis in a developing country: diagnosis related mortality among paediatric patients.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of late diagnosis and other factors on outcome of paediatric bacterial meningitis (BM) and recommend appropriate intervention. DESIGN Case series. SETTINGExpand
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Lung function status of some Nigerian men and women chronically exposed to fish drying using burning firewood.
OBJECTIVE To determine the lung function status of some Nigerian men and women chronically exposed to fish drying using burning firewood. DESIGN Case control study. SETTING Ibaka, Utaewa andExpand
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Diverse blood exposures associated with incident HIV infection in Calabar, Nigeria
Few types of blood exposures have been assessed in relation to incident HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa, despite evidence that penile–vaginal sex cannot account for the epidemic in the region. ToExpand
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Knowledge and perception of HIV prevention through condom use among midlife and older adults in Calabar, Nigeria.
OBJECTIVES Older people are at increasing risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The use of condoms which can protect both partners from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)Expand
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