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Principles of nonlinear pedagogy in sport practice
ABSTRACT Background: There are deeply relevant questions concerning how to integrate and organise various nonlinear pedagogical strategies and methods in order to structure training in theExpand
Oral presentation to: 13th International Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship / 3rd Convention of the Digital Scholarly Editing Initial Training Network – Digital Scholarly
Elsa Pereira CLUL – Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa FCT – SFRH/BPD/92155/2013 1 Pedro Homem de Mello (1904-1984) is one of the relevant lyric poets in 20 century PortugueseExpand
Elderly’s Physical-Functional Fitness and Perceived Functional Capacity and Health after Participation in a Hydrotherapy Program
Several studies have demonstrated how physical activity in older people benefits their physical fitness, health and well-being. The relation between physical activity and perceived functionalExpand
The Portuguese Cancioneiros of São João: Traditional Popular, Non-Traditional Popular, and Pseudo-Popular
The cancioneiro (song-collection) of São João (St John) is one of the richest manifestations of Portuguese popular culture. In this article, we review the principal bibliography—song collections andExpand
'Grammar-phone': A linguistic lifeline
How the service works: As implied by its nickname, 'Grammarphone' is primarily a telephonic service, as nine-tenths of enquiries received can fairly promptly and easily be resolved. Expand