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Determination of hydrocarbon sources using n-alkane and polyaromatic hydrocarbon distribution indexes: case study: Rio de La Plata Estuary, Argentina
The chemical composition of hydrocarbon mixtures found in sediments reflects the relative contributions of different natural and manmade sources. In the vicinity of highly populated and
Stable isotopes and trace elements as indicators of diet and habitat use in cetaceans: predicting errors related to preservation, lipid extraction, and lipid normalization
Whether stable carbon and nitrogen ratios and concentrations of 14 trace elements can be accurately predicted from dimethyl sulfox- ide (DMSO)-preserved mammal skin, which would provide equivalent estimates to that from unpre- served tissue is determined.
Distribution Kinetics of Dietary Methylmercury in the Arctic Charr (Salvelinus alpinus)
The authors fed immature 1+ arctic charr with a single dose of methyl[{sup 203}Hg]mercury (MeHg) and quantified distribution kinetics with a new and simple three-compartment caternary model having