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Investigation of mortality in Pacific oysters associated with Ostreid herpesvirus-1 μVar in the Republic of Ireland in 2009.
High levels of mortality in Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas in the Republic of Ireland were recorded during the summer of 2009. The new variant of Ostreid herpes 1 (OsHV-1 μVar) which first emergedExpand
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Voracious invader or benign feline? A review of the environmental biology of European catfish Silurus glanis in its native and introduced ranges
This investigation was supported in part through research grants from the Environment Agency (Sussex Area) and the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Spanish Ministry ofExpand
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Risk factors associated with clinical mastitis in low somatic cell count British dairy herds.
A cross-sectional survey of dairy farms with low bulk milk somatic cell counts was carried out to assess the level of clinical mastitis and to quantify risk factors associated with the incidence rateExpand
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Disease will limit future food supply from the global crustacean fishery and aquaculture sectors.
Seafood is a highly traded food commodity. Farmed and captured crustaceans contribute a significant proportion with annual production exceeding 10 M metric tonnes with first sale value of $40bn. TheExpand
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Non-native aquatic animals introductions have driven disease emergence in Europe
In this paper it is argued, using examples of disease emergence in aquatic animals in Europe, that the introduction of non-native species drives disease emergence by both extending the geographicExpand
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A framework for understanding the potential for emerging diseases in aquaculture.
Numerous diseases have emerged as serious economic or ecological problems in aquaculture species. The combination of factors behind the emergence of each disease is unique, but various common factorsExpand
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Somatic cell count distributions during lactation predict clinical mastitis.
This research investigated somatic cell count (SCC) records during lactation, with the purpose of identifying distribution characteristics (mean and measures of variation) that were most closelyExpand
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The scope for raising margins in dairy herds by improving fertility and health.
Under today's difficult farming conditions, the farmer must examine every aspect of management that may improve economic efficiency. Apart from the usual areas such as feeding and the use of variableExpand
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Assessing the impact of climate change on disease emergence in freshwater fish in the United Kingdom.
A risk framework has been developed to examine the influence of climate change on disease emergence in the United Kingdom. The fish immune response and the replication of pathogens are oftenExpand
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The use of Markov chain Monte Carlo for analysis of correlated binary data: patterns of somatic cells in milk and the risk of clinical mastitis in dairy cows.
Two analytical approaches were used to investigate the relationship between somatic cell concentrations in monthly quarter milk samples and subsequent, naturally occurring clinical mastitis in threeExpand
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