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Effects of probe field intensity in nonlinear optical processes in asymmetric semiconductor quantum dots
We study nonlinear optical absorption and nonlinear optical rectification in an asymmetric semiconductor quantum dot structure under a strong probe field excitation. We apply a form of the rotatingExpand
Adiabatic three-waveguide directional coupler
We propose a three-waveguide directional coupler based on adiabatic evolution of a single normal mode of the system and analyze its switching properties using coupled mode theory. In our scheme theExpand
Nonlocal Effects in Energy Absorption of Coupled Quantum Dot–Metal Nanoparticle Systems
We theoretically study the optical properties of a hybrid nanostructure consisting of a metal nanoparticle and a semiconductor quantum dot. We derive a closed-form solution for the energy absorptionExpand
Arbitrary rotation and entanglement of flux SQUID qubits
We propose an approach for the arbitrary rotation of a three-level superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) qubit and describe a strategy for the creation of coherence transfer andExpand
Electronic structure and nonlinear optical rectification in a quantum dot: effects of impurities and external electric field
The electronic structure of a spherical quantum dot with parabolic confinement that contains a hydrogenic impurity and is subjected to a DC electric field is studied. In our calculations we vary theExpand
Electromagnetically induced transparency and slow light in an array of metallic nanoparticles
We present a classical analog of electromagnetically induced transparency occurring when light is absorbed by a two-dimensional lattice of metallic spheres mounted on an asymmetric dielectricExpand
Laser-induced quantum coherence in a semiconductor quantum well.
The phenomenon of electromagnetically induced quantum coherence is demonstrated between three confined electron subband levels in a quantum well which are almost equally spaced in energy. Applying aExpand
We use the phase difference of two lasers with equal frequencies for the control of spontaneous emission in a four-level system. Effects such as extreme spectral narrowing and selective and totalExpand
Plasmon-induced enhancement of quantum interference near metallic nanostructures.
We show that the quantum interference between two spontaneous emission channels can be greatly enhanced when a three-level V-type atom is placed near plasmonic nanostructures such as metallic slabs,Expand