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Possible formation of ancient crust on Mars through magma ocean processes
[1] Models for Martian magma oceans of varying depths predict that decompression mantle melting, perhaps forming Mars' earliest crust, could occur during gravitationally driven solid-state overturnExpand
A model for the thermal and chemical evolution of the Moon's interior: implications for the onset of mare volcanism
Crystallization of the lunar magma ocean creates a chemically stratified Moon consisting of an anorthositic crust and magma ocean cumulates overlying the primitive lunar interior. Within the magmaExpand
Shear wave splitting, continental keels, and patterns of mantle flow
In this study we investigated the origin of seismic anisotropy in the mantle beneath North America. In particular, we evaluated whether shear wave splitting patterns in eastern North America areExpand
Thermal Structure due to Solid‐State Flow in the Mantle Wedge Beneath Arcs
We summarize petrological and seismic constraints on the temperature of arc lower crust and shallow mantle, and show that published thermal models are inconsistent with these constraints. We thenExpand
Thermal convection in a volumetrically heated, infinite Prandtl number fluid with strongly temperature‐dependent viscosity: Implications for planetary thermal evolution
Parameterized models of the thermal evolution of planets are usually based on the assumption that the lithosphere-convecting mantle boundary can be defined by an isotherm at a temperature below whichExpand
The influence of plate motions on three-dimensional back arc mantle flow and shear wave splitting
Both the polarization direction of the fast shear waves and the types of deformation within overriding plates vary between the back arc basins of western Pacific subduction zones. The goal of thisExpand
Effect of solid flow above a subducting slab on water distribution and melting at convergent plate boundaries
[1] Hydrous fluids derived by dehydration of the downgoing slab at convergent plate boundaries are thought to provoke wet melting in the wedge above the downgoing plate. We have investigated theExpand
Magma ocean fractional crystallization and cumulate overturn in terrestrial planets: Implications for Mars
Crystallization of a magma ocean on a large terrestrial planet that is significantly melted by the energy of accretion may lead to an unstable cumulate density stratification, which may overturn to aExpand
Melt extraction from the mantle beneath spreading centers
Abstract Melt migration beneath a mid-oceanic spreading center must be rapid and it must focus melt to the narrow ridge axis. Porous flow models that neglect compaction of the matrix result inExpand
Compositional and density stratification in oceanic lithosphere-causes and consequences
Partial melting processes at mid-ocean ridges generate oceanic lithosphere which is chemically and mineralogically zoned. Basaltic oceanic crust overlies a 20–30 km thick zone of depleted upperExpand