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Globalisation in marine ecosystems: the story of non-indigenous marine species across European seas
The introduction of non-indigenous species (NIS) across the major European seas is a dynamic non-stop process. Up to September 2004, 851 NIS (the majority being zoobenthic organ- isms) have beenExpand
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A synthesis of the biological quality elements for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in the Mediterranean ecoregion: The case of Saronikos Gulf
Abstract Benthic macroinvertebrates, macroalgae and phytoplankton constitute the biological quality elements proposed in the Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/EC) to be used for theExpand
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Global climate change amplifies the entry of tropical species into the eastern Mediterranean Sea
Using long-term data of 149 warm alien species since 1924, we show that the introduction of warm and tropical alien species has been exacerbated by the observed warming of the eastern MediterraneanExpand
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Zooplankton assemblages and influence of environmental parameters on them in a Mediterranean coastal area
Temporal dynamics of zooplankton communities and assemblages, as well as the influence of environmental factors on them, were studied in Saronikos Gulf (Aegean Sea, Greece). Different multivariateExpand
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First discovery of a cold seep on the continental margin of the central Red Sea
Abstract A new cold brine seep system with microbial mats and metazoan assemblages was discovered by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) on the Saudi continental margin of central Red Sea. Now named asExpand
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Notes on the Biology and Ecology of the Jellyfish Aurelia aurita Lam. in Elefsis Bay (Saronikos Gulf, Greece)
. The occurrence of pianktonic stages of the scyphomedusa Aurelia aurita LAM. in monthly samples, from May 1983 to July 1985, was studied in Elefsis Bay (Saronikos Gulf, Greece). Results showed thatExpand
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Differentiation of zooplankton populations in a polluted area
Zooplankton composition and spatial distribution were studied in The Gulf of Thermaikos (Aegean Sea, Greece), a shallow, semi-closed area which is subjected to urban and industrial pollution andExpand
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The use of a biotic index (Bentix) in assessing long-term effects of dumping coarse metalliferous waste on soft bottom benthic communities
Abstract The biotic index Bentix [Simboura, N., Zenetos, A., 2002. Benthic indicators to use in Ecological Quality classification of Mediterranean soft bottom marine ecosystems, including a newExpand
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Application of two SH-based methods for metallothionein determination in mussels and intercalibration of the spectrophotometric method: laboratory and field studies in the Mediterranean Sea
Abstract Metallothionein (MT) induction is widely used as a biomarker of exposure to metals in mussels. The aims of the present work were first to compare the suitability of spectrophotometry andExpand
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