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Real-Time Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring and Diagnosis System Through Deep Learning and Segmented Analysis
A new real-time and intelligent healthcare system that will help the physician's diagnosis over the patient’s condition and will have a great contribution to medical research is established. Expand
Rain water level information with flood warning system using flat clustering predictive technique
The Raspberry Pi can support all the required hardware and software requirements for the system which makes it efficient and feasible and the system has been tested to provide necessary information to the public for their preparation to incoming storms and typhoons. Expand
RFID-based vehicle monitoring system
The results showed that RFID-Based Vehicle Monitoring has satisfied its functional requirements by providing its user-desired functions and specifications and is functioning well for all technical test. Expand
ECG diagnostic support system (EDSS): A deep learning neural network based classification system for detecting ECG abnormal rhythms from a low-powered wearable biosensors
This study conceptualized a classification method for ECG arrhythmia utilizing the Convolutional Neural Network with images based on spectrograms without undergoing ECG visual examination such as R-peak or P-peak identification and concluded that the system is an effective method in classifying heart rhythms to help the cardiologists in diagnostic analysis in the patient. Expand
Rainfall Measurement And Flood Warning Systems: A Review
Flood is regarded as a chaotic natural disaster that threatens people's lives and properties. Flood warning and rainfall measuring systems dealing with different processes and multiple methodologies,Expand
Barcode-Based Vehicle Parking Monitoring System
The world today is full of innovations. Every year, people can see and discover different inventions such as in gadgets, machines, electronics, and many others which are timely in this generationExpand