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Protamines fractionation of sturine from Acipenser güldenstädti on carboxymethyl-sephadex C-25
Summary1. A convenient method of fractionating the mixture of sturines from the ripe gonads ofAcipenser güldenstädti on carboxymethyl-Sephadex C-25 has been proposed.2. The amino-acid composition ofExpand
Primary structure of stellin B
Stellin B, a protamine fromAcipenser stellatus, has been subjected to thermolysin hydrolysis. Eight peptides have been isolated by chromatography on CM-Sephadex, and their structures have beenExpand
Action of trypsin on a nucleoprotein from sturgeon gonads
A nucleoprotein has been isolated from the gonads of the Caspian sturgeon and its composition has been determined. It has been shown that it contains 55% of DNA, 2% of RNA, 36% of protamines, andExpand
Amino acid sequences of sturin A and of nudiventrin A
Nudiventrin and sturin have been fractionated and it has been shown that each of them consists of two components, A and B, their ratio in sturin being 10:1. The amino acid sequences of these proteinsExpand
Isolation of nonprotamine proteins from the nuclei of the gonad cells of the Russian sturgeonAcipenser güldenstadti
Eight nonprotamine proteins have extracted from the nuclei of the cells of the gonads of the Russian sturgeon with 0.35 M sodium chloride solution followed by fractionation of carboxymethyl-SephadexExpand