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Hydrogeology of the Kufra and Sirte basins, eastern Libya
Summary Two major sedimentary basins occur in eastern Libya. The uppermost horizons in each—post-Eocene in the Sirte and Cretaceous Nubian in the Kufra basin—constitute regional hydrogeologicalExpand
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Geological Studies in the Northern Kalahari
The geology of the northern Kalahari region in Botswana is described. The discussion is concerned with the Kalahari Beds which may range in age from the Cretaceous to Recent. The observed occurrencesExpand
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The genesis of the Gaborone rapakivi granite complex in southern Africa
The Gaborone Granite is a mushroom-shaped intrusion with a surface area of over 5000 km2. The intrusion is layered, consisting of a central core of rapakivi granite (Thamaga Granite) surrounded byExpand
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Increase of hybridoma formation by human lymphocytes after stimulation in vitro; effect of antigen, endothelial cells, and PWM.
Peripheral blood lymphocytes from antibody-producing Rh- donors were fused with mouse myeloma cells, and the hybrids were screened for anti-Rh antibody production. Although the resulting hybrids wereExpand
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XIII.—Notes on Dunlopea
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