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Certified reference material for traceability in environmental analysis: PAHs in toluene
Certified reference material (CRM) plays a vital role for quality control assurance in environmental analysis, because the quality of data arising from measurements has crucial importance. ThisExpand
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The validation of a new high throughput method for determination of chloramphenicol in milk using liquid–liquid extraction with low temperature partitioning (LLE-LTP) and isotope-dilution liquid
Chloramphenicol (CAP) is an antibiotic banned for treatment of food-producing animals. The minimum required performance limit (MRPL) of 0.3 μg kg−1 for analytical methods was set by the EuropeanExpand
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Final report on key comparison CCQM-K55.b (aldrin): An international comparison of mass fraction purity assignment of aldrin
Under the auspices of the Organic Analysis Working Group (OAWG) of the Comit? Consultatif pour la Quantit? de Mati?re (CCQM) a key comparison, CCQM K55.b, was coordinated by the Bureau InternationalExpand
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Development studies of captopril certified reference material
Este artigo descreve os estudos realizados com o candidato a Material de Referencia Certificado (MRC) de captopril, primeiro MRC de farmacos no Brasil, incluindo a determinacao de impurezasExpand
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Development studies of a new metronidazole certified reference material
This paper presents the results of the studies carried out with the candidate certified reference material (CRM) of metronidazole, first CRM of this active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) availableExpand
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Quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance for purity assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
The application of 1H quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (1H qNMR) for purity determination of organic compounds is well documented in the literature. The aim of this work is to determine if theExpand
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Final report on key comparison CCQM-K55.c (L-(+)-Valine): Characterization of organic substances for chemical purity
Under the auspices of the Organic Analysis Working Group (OAWG) of the Comit? Consultatif pour la Quantit? de Mati?re (CCQM) a key comparison, CCQM K55.c, was coordinated by the Bureau InternationalExpand
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Feasibility study for development of candidate reference material for food analysis: Chloramphenicol in milk powder
Abstract Reliable analytical results are necessary to ensure effective consumer protection and the use of certified reference material (CRM) is an important tool for quality assurance. The BrazilianExpand
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[Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in industrial solid waste: a preliminary evaluation of the potential risk of environmental and human contamination in waste disposal areas].
Proper solid waste disposal is important to avoid human and environmental contamination. The NBR 10,004 Waste Classification lists several polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and indicates thatExpand
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Developments of Environmental Certified Reference Material from the Brazilian Metrology Institute to Support National Traceability
This paper aims to present the developments performed by the Brazilian Metrology Institute NMI-Inmetro, considering the environmental demand, in order to support the needs of the national industry and to disseminate traceability among the society. Expand
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