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France's Middle Eastern Ambitions, the Sykes-Picot Negotiations, and the Oil Fields of Mosul, 1915-1918
One of the puzzles of the territorial settlement in the Middle East after the First World War is France's surrender of its diplomatic claim to the Mosul region of Iraq. A remote province on theExpand
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Business Diplomacy: Walter Teagle, Jersey Standard, and the Anglo-French Pipeline Conflict in the Middle East, 1930–1931
British, Dutch, French, and American oil companies set up a multinational consortium in 1928 with a view to dominating petroleum production in the Middle East. Development of the consortium's firstExpand
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The Iraq Petroleum Company, Standard Oil of California, and the Contest for Eastern Arabia, 1930–1933
interest of western enterprise in Middle Eastern petroleum began well before the First World War, but it was not until 1927 that a significant find was made west of Iran. This was the Baba GurgurExpand
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A Letter from Canada
Strong: Explaining Corporate Behavior in Middle Eastern Oil after the Second World War
The importance of the Middle East in the international petroleum industry changed decisively in the fifteen years following the Second World War. Before 1939 its output was marginal compared to otherExpand
Proceedings of the eighth annual meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society, 1982
Continuing the tradition of publishing the best papers of its annual meetings, the contributions of the French Colonial Historical Society's 1982 meeting are drawn from the broad sweep of France'sExpand
Did France's Colonial Empire Make Economic Sense? A Perspective from the Postwar Decade, 1946–1956
Aggregate trade data appear to support the mercantilist position that colonial markets were very important for the French economy after 1945. After summarizing and then criticizing arguments based onExpand
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