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Cutaneous manifestations of hyperthyroidism.
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Is mycosis fungoides a reticuloendothelial neoplastic entity?
MYCOSIS fungoides was first described by Alibert (1812), 1 who labeled the disease pian fungoide because some of the cutaneous lesions resembled those of yaws. Later (1835) 2 he substituted the wordExpand
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Primary cutaneous North American blastomycosis.
DURING the half century following Gilchrist's delineation of North American blastomycosis as an entity in 1896, it became firmly established by many observers that the disease exists in two widelyExpand
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The microscopic appearance of ecthyma contagiosum (orf) in sheep, rabbits, and man.
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Torulosis; a review of the cutaneous and adjoining mucous membrane manifestations.
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Association of tissue mast cells and skin tumors.
The evident relationship between mast cells and tumors of various tissues and organs is a fascinating enigma. The association of mast cells with naturally occurring skin tumors, a subject which hasExpand
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Aspergillosis and the aspergilli; report of a unique case of the disease.
  • E. P. Cawley
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  • Archives of internal medicine
  • 1 October 1947
PLEBEIANS among fungi, members of the great group Aspergillus have attained chief notoriety as vexatious laboratory contaminants. Considerably less attention has been focused on their aptitude asExpand
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Eosinophilic granuloma of bone with cutaneous manifestations; report of a case.
INTEREST of pathologists and orthopedic surgeons has within recent years been focused on a newly classified group of diseases, comprising Hand-Schuller-Christian disease, a relative newcomer,Expand
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Soft tissue calcification, with special reference to its occurrence in the "collagen diseases".
Excerpt INTRODUCTION Calcification is a process which results in the accumulation of lime salts in a tissue in amounts which are demonstrable on microscopic, roentgenographic and often on naked-eye...
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