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Comparative study on effects of two different types of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on human neuronal cells.
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) are among most frequently used nanoparticles (NPs). They are present in a variety of consumer products, including food industry in which they are employed as an additive. TheExpand
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Review on the effects of exposure to spilled oils on human health
Harmful effects of oil spills on diverse flora and fauna species have been extensively studied. Nevertheless, only a few studies have been compiled in the literature dealing with the repercussions ofExpand
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Genotoxic effects of lead: an updated review.
Lead is a ubiquitous toxic heavy metal with unique physical and chemical properties that make it suitable for a great variety of applications. Because of its high persistence in the environment andExpand
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Initial study on the effects of Prestige oil on human health.
The big oil tanker Prestige wrecked at 130 miles from the coast of Galicia, on the Northwest of Spain, in November 19, 2002. During the accident over 40,000 tons of oil were spilled, and along theExpand
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Evaluation of PAH bioaccumulation and DNA damage in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) exposed to spilled Prestige crude oil.
We analyzed the hydrocarbon composition of the Prestige oil as it reached the shores, its solubility in sea water, its bioaccumulation, and the genotoxic damage associated to oil exposure, usingExpand
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Genotoxic effects of occupational exposure to lead and influence of polymorphisms in genes involved in lead toxicokinetics and in DNA repair.
Lead is still widely used in many industrial processes and is very persistent in the environment. Although toxic effects caused by occupational exposure to lead have been extensively studied, thereExpand
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Okadaic Acid: More than a Diarrheic Toxin
Okadaic acid (OA) is one of the most frequent and worldwide distributed marine toxins. It is easily accumulated by shellfish, mainly bivalve mollusks and fish, and, subsequently, can be consumed byExpand
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Monitoring of the impact of Prestige oil spill on Mytilus galloprovincialis from Galician coast.
In November 2002, the Prestige oil tanker was wrecked in front of Galician coast (NW of Spain), spilling near 63,000 tons of heavy oil until February 2003. Contamination produced was very extensiveExpand
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Effect of epoxide hydrolase and glutathione S-tranferase genotypes on the induction of micronuclei and DNA damage by styrene-7,8-oxide in vitro.
Styrene is one of the most important organic chemicals used worldwide. Its main metabolite, styrene-7,8-oxide (SO), is considered responsible for the genotoxic effects associated with exposure toExpand
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Neuronal cytotoxicity and genotoxicity induced by zinc oxide nanoparticles.
Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) are one of the most abundantly used nanomaterials in consumer products and biomedical applications. As a result, human exposure to these NPs is highly frequent andExpand
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