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Species Composition and Diversity of Insects of the Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve in Ghana
This study presents the first comprehensive inventory of species composition and diversity of insects of Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve, the only one in Ghana, to capture the end of the rainy season, the dry season and the peak of the wet season.
Insect Diversity of the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site: An Important Site for Biodiversity Conservation in Ghana
An inventory of species diversity of insects of the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar site, with special reference to species of conservation concern, was carried out as part of an evaluation of changes in the
Distribution and abundance of forest birds in Ghana
Ntiamoa-Baidu, Y., Owusu, E.H., Asamoah, S. & Owusu-Boateng, K. 2000. Distribution and abundance of forest birds in Ghana. Ostrich 71 (1 & 2): 262–268. Forest reserves within the Ghanaian rain forest
Herpetofauna under threat: A study of Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve, Ghana
The main threats to the herpetofaunal species of the study area include habitat destruction due to annual bushfires and killing of large reptiles like the monitors as well as snakes.
Urban green area provides refuge for native small mammal biodiversity in a rapidly expanding city in Ghana
The results suggest that urbanization negatively influenced the abundance, diversity, and community composition of small mammals and efforts should be directed towards the integration of urban green areas into urban land development planning in developing countries in order to conserve local wildlife and ecological services that enhance the quality of urban life.
The secondary impact of mining on primates and other medium to large mammals in forest reserves in southwestern Ghana
Abstract The upsurge of mining in Africa promises substantial economic development opportunities, but poses serious threats to the continent’s natural environment and rich biodiversity. We assessed
Impact of mining and forest regeneration on small mammal biodiversity in the Western Region of Ghana
The data suggested negative effects of mining on small mammal diversity and the restoration of species diversity and important ecological processes after rehabilitation of altered habitats, and strongly encourage deliberate conservation efforts.
Spatio-temporal variation in small mammal species richness, relative abundance and body mass reveal changes in a coastal wetland ecosystem in Ghana
Assessment of small mammal species richness, relative abundance and body mass in three habitats at the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar site of Ghana and compare these to baseline data gathered in 1997 suggest changes in the wetland ecosystem.
Ecological status of large mammals of a moist semi-deciduous forest of Ghana: implications for wildlife conservation
A preliminary survey was conducted in the Gyeni River and Gyemera Forest Reserves and an off-reserve area within the Moist Semi-Deciduous forest of the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region,
Bird Species Diversity and abundance in the Abiriw Sacred Grove in the Eastern Region of Ghana
The sacred grove concept is one of the strategies developed by many human societies to conserve biological resources using a traditional approach. Sacred groves are currently under threat from