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Pattern of parasitic infections in anurans from a mangrove community of the Niger Delta, Nigeria
The mangrove environment at Ijala-Ikeren sustains a low diversity of amphibians which habour a low number of parasite species, whose low intensity of infection may be attributable to the parasite-hostile nature of the habitat.
Blood parasites of some Anurans from southern Nigeria.
Folleyellides microfilariae seem to be a multi-host parasite occurring in four host species in contrast to the unidentified filarid detected only in Aubria subsigillata, which bears close resemblance to Hemoliva sp.
Larval strigeoid trematodes in anurans from southern Nigeria
SummaryAnurans from locations in the rainforest, derived savannah and a monoculture plantation in Nigeria were examined for infection with strigeoid trematode larvae. Two types of metacercarial cysts