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Chaos in dynamical systems
Preface 1. Introduction and overview 2. One-dimensional maps 3. Strange attractors and fractal dimensions 4. Dynamical properties of chaotic systems 5. Nonattracting chaotic sets 6. QuasiperiodicityExpand
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Controlling chaos
  • E. Ott
  • Computer Science, Medicine
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  • 1990
When reading the PDF, you can see how the author is very reliable in using the words to create sentences. Expand
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A Local Ensemble Kalman Filter for Atmospheric Data Assimilation
We introduce a new, local formulation of the ensemble Kalman Filter approach for atmospheric data assimilation. Expand
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Low dimensional behavior of large systems of globally coupled oscillators.
It is shown that, in the infinite size limit, certain systems of globally coupled phase oscillators display low dimensional dynamics. In particular, we derive an explicit finite set of nonlinearExpand
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Crises, sudden changes in chaotic attractors, and transient chaos
Abstract The occurrence of sudden qualitative changes of chaotic dynamics as a parameter is varied is discussed and illustrated. It is shown that such changes may result from the collision of anExpand
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Dimension of chaotic attractors
Dimension is perhaps the most basic property of an attractor. In this paper we discuss a variety of different definitions of dimension, compute their values for a typical example, and review previousExpand
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Strange attractors that are not chaotic
Abstract It is shown that in certain types of dynamical systems it is possible to have attractors which are strange but not chaotic. Here we use the word strange to refer to the geometry or shape ofExpand
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Chaos in Dynamical Systems - 2nd Edition
  • E. Ott
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • 1 August 2002
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Stretch, Twist, Fold: The Fast Dynamo
Introduction: the fast dynamo problem fast dynamo action in flows fast dynamo in maps. Methods and their applications: dynamos and non-dynamos magnetic structure in steady integrable flows upperExpand
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Long time evolution of phase oscillator systems.
It is shown, under weak conditions, that the dynamical evolution of large systems of globally coupled phase oscillators with Lorentzian distributed oscillation frequencies is, in an appropriateExpand
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