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Symptoms And Lung Function Values In Nigerian Men And Women Exposed To Dust Generated From Crushing Of Granite Rocks In Calabar, Nigeria
This study was carried out to determine lung function and respiratory and non-respiratory symptoms among men and women exposed to dust emitted from crushing of granite rocks and to compare them withExpand
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Toxicological Evaluation of Aspilia Africana Leaf Extracts in Mice
Problem statement: The degree of toxicity of crude extracts of Aspilia Africana (Bush marigold) leaf on the basis of routes and dosages of administration were investigated. 204 healthy, male SwissExpand
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Ventilatory function in Nigerian asbestos factory workers.
Ventilatory function indices; forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), the percentage of vital capacity in one second (FEV1%) and peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR)Expand
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Hearing Acuity Loss Of Operators Of Food Grinding Machines In Calabar, Nigeria
Noise has been generally found to cause hearing impairment. This was therefore a comparative study to determine whether chronic exposure to noise generated from food grinding machine can impairExpand
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Lung function status of some Nigerian men and women chronically exposed to fish drying using burning firewood.
OBJECTIVE To determine the lung function status of some Nigerian men and women chronically exposed to fish drying using burning firewood. DESIGN Case control study. SETTING Ibaka, Utaewa andExpand
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The Effects Of Fresh And Thermoxidized Palm Oil Diets On Some Haematological Indices In The Rat
The effects of fresh and thermoxidized palm oil diets on some haematalogical indices in the rat were investigated in albino rats (Wistar strain). The animals were divided into three groups namely,Expand
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Lung function, blood gases, pH and serum electrolytes of small‐scale miners exposed to chrome ore dust on the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe
Summary We measured and compared lung function indices and some blood parameters (gases, electrolytes, glucose, pH, red cell indices) of 54 male small‐scale miners (SSM) chronically exposed to chromeExpand
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Effects of Aloe vera Extract on the Haemostatic Mechanism of Albino Rats
Plants and plant extracts have been found very useful for purposes of treatment of diseases among other benefits. Aloe vera is one such plants, whose effects on the haemostatic mechanism of albinoExpand
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Heteromorpha trifoliata (Dombwe) accelerates acetic acid-induced peptic ulcers: a preliminary study in the rat.
OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of H. trifoliata on: (a) acetic acid-induced ulcers, (b) food intake, (c) water intake, (d) weight gain, (e) gastric acid secretion in rats. DESIGN ComparativeExpand
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Lung function studies in some Nigerian bank workers.
Following complaints of cough and tightness in the chest by a group of treasury workers exposed to large quantities of old and dirty currency notes withdrawn from circulation as well as currency forExpand
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