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Effect of honey intake on serum cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoprotein levels in albino rats and potential benefits on risks of coronary heart disease.
The beneficial effect of honey has been widely reported particularly in the treatment of wounds and gastrointestinal tract disorders. However there is paucity of reports on its effect on the plasmaExpand
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Lung function, oxygen saturation and symptoms among street sweepers in calabar-Nigeria.
Chronic inhalation of dust impairs lung function and may cause respiratory symptoms. However, knowledge about the type of dust that can cause these problems is uncertain. Very little attention hasExpand
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Serum liver enzymes profile of Wistar rats following chronic consumption of fresh or oxidized palm oil diets.
The effect of chronic consumption of palm oil diets on serum levels of some liver enzymes in rat was investigated. Two groups of rats were fed on either fresh or thermally oxidized palm oil, mixed atExpand
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Renal electrolyte and fluid handling in the rat following chloroquine and/or ethanol administration.
We postulated that chloroquine and/or ethanol affect plasma arginine vasopressin (AVP) concentrations to alter renal function. Therefore, we studied the effects of chloroquine and/or ethanol onExpand
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Prediction formulae for lung function parameters in females of south eastern Nigeria.
This study was carried out to obtain normal lung function values for women in south eastern Nigeria with a view to establishing prediction equations for forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratoryExpand
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Cadmium chloride-induced testicular toxicity in male wistar rats; prophylactic effect of quercetin, and assessment of testicular recovery following cadmium chloride withdrawal.
This study assessed the effect of quercetin (QE) on cadmium chloride (CdCl2) - induced testicular toxicity, as well as the effect of withdrawal of CdCl2 treatment on same. Thirty male Wistar ratsExpand
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Arterial pressure and lipid profile in rats following chronic ingestion of palm oil diets.
The mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) and plasma lipid profile of rats following chronic consumption of a diet containing 15% palm oil (fresh or oxidized) were studied. Rats were allowed to feed onExpand
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Effect of chronic exposure to welding light on Calabar welders.
It was generally observed that welders in Calabar, Nigeria did not always wear their protective goggles during welding. Since chronic exposure to welding light can impair vision this study was doneExpand
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Gastric cytoprotection and honey intake in albino rats.
Beneficial effect of honey has been widely reported particularly on wound healings, gastrointestinal disorders and as antibacterial agent. However, there is paucity of report on its cytoprotectiveExpand
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Lung function status of workers exposed to wood dust in timber markets in Calabar, Nigeria.
The effect of chronic exposure to dust from local woods such as ebony, achi, and iroko on lung function of timber market workers in Calabar - Nigeria, was studied. Forced vital capacity (FVC), ForcedExpand
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