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Tertullian, First Theologian of the West
Introduction 1. Simplicity and perfection: end and beginning 2. The puzzle: Athens and Jerusalem 3. The paradox: credible because inept 4. Strife of opposites and faith as recognition 5. AntithesisExpand
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Clement of Alexandria: Citations from Clement
Clement of Alexandria: God Discarnate and God Incarnate
There is tension today between faith in God and the centrality of Jesus. Clement describes an apophatic `God discarnate' and a kataphatic `God incarnate'. The first ends in the `magnitude of Christ'Expand
Rational Faith
This article explores three overlooked contemporary arguments concerning faith (raised by Iris Murdoch, Boyce Gibson, and Hans Küng). It shows how these arguments found expression at the beginning ofExpand
[Review article] Method and myth
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Religious studies in Australia since 1958