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Sindice.com: a document-oriented lookup index for open linked data
Sindice, a lookup index over Semantic Web resources, allows applications to automatically locate documents containing information about a given resource, and extends the sitemap protocol to efficiently index large datasets with minimal impact on data providers.
WSMX - a semantic service-oriented architecture
The Web service execution environment (WSMX) is introduced, at software system that enables the creation and execution of semantic Web services based on the Web service modelling ontology.
Scalable Distributed Reasoning Using MapReduce
The proposed technique for materialising the closure of an RDF graph based on MapReduce is scalable and allows the RDFS closure of 865M triples from the Web in less than two hours, faster than any other published approach.
Sindice.com: Weaving the Open Linked Data
Sindice, a lookup index over resources crawled on the Semantic Web, allows applications to automatically retrieve sources with information about a given resource and allows resource retrieval through inverse-functional properties.
Extending Faceted Navigation for RDF Data
This work develops an expressive faceted interface for semi-structured data and formally shows the improvement over existing interfaces, and develops metrics for automatic ranking of facet quality, bypassing the need for manual construction of the interface.
ActiveRDF: object-oriented semantic web programming
ActiveRDF is presented, an object-oriented API for managing RDF data that offers full manipulation and querying of RDFData, does not rely on a schema and fully conforms to RDF(S) semantics.
Mind the data skew: distributed inferencing by speeddating in elastic regions
It is shown that term-based partitioning, used by most distributed reasoning approaches, has limited scalability due to load-balancing problems, and a method for data distribution based on clustering in elastic regions is addressed, which is self-organising, efficient and does not require any central coordination.
An Overview of Information Management and Knowledge Work Studies: Lessons for the Semantic Desktop
  • E. Oren
  • Computer Science
  • 6 November 2006
An overview of relevant semantic desktop literature from the personal information management and human-computer interaction domains is presented and six practical lessons are extracted: focus on the individual, forget rigid classifications, follow the links, remember the context, value the power of paper, and keep it simple.