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Oxygen isotope studies of ordinary chondrites
Several stages in the evolution of ordinary chondritic meteorites are recorded in the oxygen isotopic composition of the meteorites and their separable components (chondrules, fragments, clasts, andExpand
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Mineralogy, mineral-chemistry, and composition of the Murchison (C2) meteorite
Fuchs, Louis H., Edward Olsen, and Kenneth J. Jensen. Mineralogy, MineralChemistry, and Composition of the Murchison (C2) Meteorite. Smithsonian Contributions to the Earth Sciences, number 10, 39Expand
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Origin of the high-temperature fraction of C2 chondrites
The coarse-grained fraction of C2 chondrites is composed mostly of single crystals and aggregates of crystals of Mg-rich olivine and pyroxene. They do not possess compelling textural evidence ofExpand
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Petrologic history of the moon inferred from petrography, mineralogy, and petrogenesis of Apollo 11 rocks
The mineralogy and petrology of the Apollo 11 rocks are consistent with impact melting of ilmenite and pyroxene crystals plus liquid derived from fractional crystallization of basaltic magama. TheExpand
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Watson: A new link in the IIE iron chain
— Watson, which was found in 1972 in South Australia, contains the largest single silicate rock mass seen in any known iron meteorite. A comprehensive study has been completed on this unusualExpand
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The phosphates of IIIAB iron meteorites
Thirteen phosphate minerals are found in IIIAB iron meteorites. Four of these (sarcopside, graftonite, johnsomervilleite, and galileiite) constitute the majority of occurrences. The IIIB ironExpand
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Mineralogy and petrology of silicate inclusions in iron meteorites
Silicate inclusions in 17 iron meteorites have been analyzed by the electron microprobe and classified, according to their phase assemblages, compositions, and textures, into three major types:Expand
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Globular Silicate Inclusions in IIE Irons and Sombrerete: Highly Fractionated Minimum Melts
HIGHLY FRACTIONATED MINIMUM MELTS M. Prinz? C.E. ~ e h r u ? ) *J.S. ~ e l a n e y j M. weisberg; 1 *E. 01sen; (1) Dept. Min. Sci., Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., NY, NY 10024, ( 2 ) Dept. Geology, BrooklynExpand
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Refractory inclusions in the Murchison meteorite
Mineralogical and petrographic studies of a wide variety of refractory objects from the Murchison C2 chondrite have revealed for the first time melilite-rich and feldspathoid-bearing inclusions inExpand
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Oxygen isotopic compositions of chondrules in Allende and ordinary chondrites
The ferromagnesian chondrules in Allende follow a trend in the oxygen three-isotope plot that diverges significantly from the 16-O mixing line defined by light and dark inclusions and the matrix ofExpand
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