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A comparison of genetic relationship measures in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) based on AFLPs, RAPDs, and pedigree data
Nineteen of the major strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) cultivars grown in the UnitedStates and Canada were examined for AFLP markerpolymorphisms. For the AFLP reactions, the EcoRI-ACC primerExpand
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Generation and analysis of blueberry transcriptome sequences from leaves, developing fruit, and flower buds from cold acclimation through deacclimation
BackgroundThere has been increased consumption of blueberries in recent years fueled in part because of their many recognized health benefits. Blueberry fruit is very high in anthocyanins, which haveExpand
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Use of a cytokinin conjugate for efficient shoot regeneration from leaf sections of highbush blueberry
Conditions for improving the efficiency of shoot regenration from leaf sections of highbush bluebeery (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) were investigated. Effectiveness of tissue culture medium supplementedExpand
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Evaluation of Midwinter Cold Hardiness among 25 Rabbiteye Blueberry Cultivars
The midwinter cold hardiness of 25 rabbiteye (V a,shei) blueberry cultivars was assayed across 2 years using a shoot freezing assay. LT c0 values (i.e. temperature at which 50% of buds are damaged)Expand
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Dehardening Kinetics, Bud Development, and Dehydrin Metabolism in Blueberry Cultivars during Deacclimation at Constant, Warm Temperatures
Loss of freeze tolerance, or deacclimation, is an integral part of winter survival in woody perennials because untimely mid-winter or spring thaws followed by a hard freeze can cause severe injury toExpand
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Cold Hardiness, Deacclimation Kinetics, and Bud Development among 12 Diverse Blueberry Genotypes under Field Conditions
Deacclimation response is an important part of reproductive success in woody perennials because late winter or early spring thaws followed by hard freezes can cause severe injury to dehardened flExpand
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Cold Tolerance of Blueberry Genotypes Throughout the Dormant Period from Acclimation to Deacclimation
Cold hardiness in woody perennials is determined by complex interacting factors: the timing and rate of cold acclimation; the maximum level of cold tolerance attained; the maintenance of coldExpand
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Floral Bud Cold Hardiness of Vaccinium ashei, V. constablaei, and Hybrid Derivatives and the Potential for Producing Northern-adapted Rabbiteye Cultivars
From 2004 to 2006, cold hardiness assays were performed to evaluate the relative winterhardiness of flower buds in selections of pure Vaccinium ashei Reade and V. constablaei Gray as well as inExpand
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Comparative genetic mapping reveals synteny and collinearity between the American cranberry and diploid blueberry genomes
Cranberry and blueberry are closely related and recently domesticated fruit crops in the genus Vaccinium. Both have a presumed American origin and likely evolved from a common ancestor; however,Expand
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